Parents of Baby Named Adolf 'Hitler' Arrested For Promoting Neo-Nazi Terror Group in Britain
Nazi flag (Photo credits: Facebook)

Naming a baby is a big decision and every parent wants their kid to have a unique name. But imagine a name that can land one up in jail? Well, that's what happened to a British couple who chose to name theirs after Adolf Hitler. The parents of the baby are now facing a jail term after being convicted of belonging to a terrorist organisation. The couple's admiration for the German leader has landed them in jail for belonging to a neo-Nazi group. Italian Parents Name Their Baby Benito Mussolini, Receives Court Summons. 

Adam Thomas, 22 and his wife Claudia Patatas, 38 are proud members of the Ku Klux Klan and have been clicked in pictures dressed as the members of the group. One of the pictures sees them holding their child Hitler clutching on a Nazi flag. They were accused of being a far-right group that has been banned in Britain since the year 2016. The couple denied any such involvement but the prosecution said that their son's name was a big clue. The court called Thomas "a vehement Nazi" and he faces charges of even possessing a bomb-making manual The Anarchist Cookbook. The court has not given a verdict on that yet.

The court said the couple has joined the National Action group after they were fuelled for hatred and division. It also said they had "terror born out of a fanatical and tribal belief in white supremacy." The couple is said to have attended meetings of this group before it was banned. The court has heard transcripts of their encrypted messages and found out that they were a part of the group even if it was banned. They also found that both the husband and the wife had written several posts calling for the execution of many people. Unisex Baby Names: Unique Names for New Born Boys & Girls to Promote Gender Fluidity. 

The counter terror police raided the couple's house and found a lot of evidence against them. In their house, they found the Nazi flags, robes of Ku Klux Klan along with many other fascist memoirs like cushions with the Nazi symbol and pastry cutters. Along with there were Christmas cards and had a message "May All Your Christmasses Be White." The couple will be sentenced soon but the date is not fixed.