Penis Shaped NOAA's Map of Hurricane Walaka Over Alaska Results in Hilarious Jokes on Twitter
Hurricane Walaka (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Maps of different countries, continents and other places have always kickstarted discussions and jokes depending on their appearance. With different people seeing different things, maps have even become memes. This time a storm over Alaska has fallen prey to social media users' interpretation of the way it looks.

Hurricane Walaka is making its way across the Pacific towards Alaska and it is the storm's path that has led to jokes. According to some Twitter users, the weather map which shows the storm's direction looks like a penis. The map projections were generated by NOAA's Central Pacific Hurricane Center. A Twitter user wrote, "Haha. Walaka getting a little ballsy today." These weather maps that show different shapes and sizes are usually computer generated.

Here's the weather prediction map:

Here are some of the Twitter reactions:

Similarly, in January a weather map led to hilarious discussions among Twitterverse when the Gulf Coast Storm Center posted a map that looked like male genitals. In 2015, an odd looking weather map of East Coast had left anchors laughing in a newsroom.

Hurricane Walaka was heading north with maximum sustained winds of 130 mph (210 mph). On Monday, the Coast Guard evacuated four workers from a national wildlife refuge on Johnston Atoll before Walaka passed from the island. Seven researchers have been evacuated from a place in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands as a powerful hurricane was headed their way.