Rare Cobra With Shining Red Hood Spotted at Chikmagalur Farmland in Karnataka, Watch Video
Cobra with red hood (Photo credits: YouTube screenshot)

Most people get scared when they look at snakes. The slithering reptiles can be scary and the poisonous ones create more fear. Cobras are dangerous among the snake species and although we worship them in our country, it can be a scary sight to come across one. But an extremely rare video of a snake has come up from a village in Karnataka, which shows the snake's hood shining red! The cobra was spotted in one of the farmer's land and the locals here believe it has divine powers due to his unique hood. Cobra Swallows Onions and Vomits it Out, Bizarre Incident in Odisha Caught on Video! 

The video was captured at Holemakki village in Koppa Taluk of Chikmagalur District in Karnataka. The snake is, in fact, a regular in one of the farmer's land and the people here worship it. In the video that has been shared online, the cobra is seen rising his hood and it almost shines at a point, which makes it unbelievable to believe! A dog is seen barking at the snake when it raises its hood and it shines. But experts say the reflection is due to the sun rays that are reflected on the snake. Can Cobra Venom Get You High? Two Rajasthan Men’s Addiction to Poison Becomes Curious Subject for Research. 

Watch Video of Cobra With Shining Red Hood in Karnataka

Doesn't it look amazing? Well, the reflection is clearly because of the sun rays reflecting on it but it is still a rare sight to see a red hood on a cobra. In several villages, there is a belief among the locals that a snake protects the land. Snakes are known as a protector of particular farmlands. This snake has been worshipped by the locals here.