Russian Priest Violently Baptises a 2-Year-Old Girl, Faces Social Media Backlash (Watch Viral Video)
2-year-old brutally baptised. (Photo Credit: YouTube screengrab/ Truths Stranger )

Children have been being subject to the Baptism, a religious procedure amongst the Christians since a very long time. While it is said that that process gives an end to the past life, giving way to a new life that is dedicated to the god, it has also been in the news time and again recently for wrong reasons. In a recent case, a video is doing the rounds on the internet wherein a reportedly Russian priest has been seen baptising a two-year-old quite violently. He can be seen dunking her head underwater, forcefully while baptising her in the video. According to media reports by Daily Mail, the incident has taken place in Yessentuki, South West Russia. Shocking! Priest Slaps Crying Baby During Baptism, People Gasp: Watch Video.

The video has been greatly criticised from the time it has been shared on social media. Most people are calling the act devilious, and the forcible baptism has been called insane. Some even went ahead to react saying that he was 'serving the court of the devil.'

It is said that the priest who is seen in the video is Illia Semlitove from the St George’s Convent. Se can be seen holding the back of head and neck of the baby quite firmly and then he begins to dunk her head into the water forcefully. He is seen brutally doing this act three times in quick successions. While he submerges her face, you can also see water splashing out because of the force. When she is taken out, she can be seen screaming and gasping for breath.

Take a look at the video of the Russian priest violently baptising a 2-year-old girl.

Archpriest Mikhail Samokhin, of the Pyatigorsk and Circassian diocese, said to Daily Mail exclusively: 'The priest acted too harshly. He has been suspended from officiating at services and he will he will be judged by the church court.'