Sikh Police Officer Saves Man From Being Attacked by Mob in Uttarakhand (Watch Video)
Sikh police officer (Photo Credits: Indian News YouTube)

A Sikh police officer is hailed on social media for his heroic act of saving a Muslim man from a mob in Uttarakhand. Pictures and videos of the policeman holding a man close to his chest trying to protect him is viral on the internet. The officer, Gagandeep Singh was alerted about an unrest near a temple in Ramnagar following which he rushed to the place. A group of men were attacking a Muslim man who was seen with his Hindu girlfriend.

Reportedly, the mob created commotion by first heckling the couple. The temple is which is situated 14-15 km away from the main town is quite popular. Couples are often spotted around the temple premises. It is not far from the popular Jim Corbett National Park. In the video that is being widely shared on social media, people can be heard shouting angrily at the Muslim man.

Here is the video of the incident:

Singh is seen holding the man close to him when the mob tries to hit him. The mob, however, ceases to move away and inches closer to the man. The video then shows the crowd chanting slogans against the police. The police officer reaped praises on social media as it went viral. People took to social media to hail his timely action and attending his duty with much diligence.