When we think of memes what comes to our mind is a set of words and pictures put up in the most hilarious forms that sometimes also follow a trend. However, recently the kind of memes trending will make you laugh out loud as well as call out people in the most savage yet interesting way. 'They live among us' memes take a satirical route to bring out humour and call every kind of people out. These 'inclusive' Twitter memes have become very popular. These memes raise the various takes on people with certain habits with a very unexpected climax. The main intention of 'they live among us' memes is to show that a certain kind of person's appearance is just like us and no ethnicity can distinguish them. Just like people doing wrong things are all around us and are one of us and that they do not look like 'villains' in dramatic movies or don't 'horrible person' written on their faces, people with certain hobbies or taste are just everywhere.ย Priyanka Chopra-Nick Jonas Wedding: PCโ€™s 75-Ft Long Veil Inspires Hilarious Memes on Twitter.

This meme trend asks people to look for a certain kind of a person in a group of emojis that ethnically diverse and then the conclusion signifies that you can't distinguish them by their colour or appearance as they look just like most of us. While 'they live among us' memes are becoming more popular with each passing day, here are some of the most amazing memes from this trend.

Theatre kids?

We all know such people!

Marijuana addicts, take notes!

I cannot believe it!

This is true!


They can't read this...


Pineapple on pizza?


Some of the memes are super hilarious while also have an underlying message in it! Which one is your favourite? Let us know in the comment section below.

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