TikTok Users Gripped By Another Viral 'Chair Challenge' Which Apparently Only Women Can Complete (Watch Videos)
TikTok Chair challenge (Photo Credits: Video Grab)

TikTok fever has gripped everyone on the internet. The short video-making application is so widely used by everyone and to add more fun to it, there are new challenges that come up on it every few days. A TikTok challenge called the "Chair Challenge" is going viral on the platform and it is a little interesting as apparently it is only the women who can do it effortlessly, compared to men. In this challenge, users have to lift up a chair from a bent-over position, with their heads touching the walls. But for some reason, even though it sounds easy, men are seen trying but not being able to complete it smoothly. Optical Illusion Hand Trick Is the New Viral Challenge on TikTok and People Are Really Confused About How to Do It! Check Videos.

In the Chair Challenge, each person has to stand at a little distance of up to two spaces from the wall and bend over. They then have to touch their head to the wall, pick up a chair and just stand up. But, when people tried it out, most men were unsuccessful. This is making more and more people try it out and it is now going viral. Check some of the people doing the Chair Challenge.

The Girls Trying it Out

Doing it Well

But the Men Couldn't

Here's Them Trying it Together

How is it possible? It seems an easy task right? But scientists have an answer, its got to do with the center of gravity. US Scientist Jeremy Johnson was quoted to The Sun, "The centre of mass for most girls is lower to the hips, while the centre of mass in boys is much higher. Therefore, for most girls, the centre of mass while bent over the chair is above their feet, while the centre of mass for most boys is above the chair." While another scientist had a different thought. The other theory says that men having larger feet - so they have to walk away from the wall to reach the required paces. Interesting! Do you want to try this out with your friends? See if this actually works.