Stunning pictures of nature's beauty are shared online every single day. Pictures of a 1400-year-old tree in an ancient temple in Xi'an were shared online and they quickly went viral.View The Pics Here:

Netizens are discussing what hurts them in just 5 words. A fun trend of #WhatHurtMeIn5Words has been started online and the responses are too funny and relatable.Watch The Tweets Here:

Olvi gas station in Samara, Russia decided to offer free fuel to anyone who dressed up in a bikini. And guess what, not women but men did lined up wearing two-pieces. Pics of men donning bikini and heels are shared on social media. Read the entire story hereView Pics of Men in Bikinis Waiting to Fill Free Fuel in Russia:

Twitter is really not the place for showing off weird food combinations. A picture of someone eating a samosa, but with filling of a rice inside has been shared online. Twitterati is not amused and the picture is going viral with funny comments.Watch the Pic Here:

An abandoned dog has started working with the Chennai Rail Police Force to help warn passengers, who are not following the rules. A video of this dog at work was shared on Twitter and it has gone viral. Watch his video here:

A very cute baby video has been shared on Twitter for Monday Motivation. In the video, a man probably a father is trying to teach a baby a Yoga pose. The baby tries his best and the video is too cute.Watch the video here:

Bei Bei, biggest panda at National Zoo in Washington D.C. is leaving for China and they are throwing a big part in its farewell. The panda is being send to China as part of a partnership with the China Wildlife Conservation Association.Check Out The Pictures Below:

Watch The Video Below:

Mahadev Jadhav, a sanitation worker has grabbed eyeballs on social media for singing to create awareness about cleanliness and waste disposal. He replaces lyrics of popular Bollywood songs to make songs on the importance of cleanliness. Mahadev has been working with the Pune Municipal Corporation for 25 years.Watch The Video Below:

Photo of a strange friendship between wild animals leopard and hyena has surprised social media users. Parveen Kaswan, IFS shared the photo with the caption, "This camera trap captured a strange friendship of #forest and their love for selfies. #Leopard & #Hyena in one frame Investigating the strange looking thing. #Ghosts of forest."Check Out The Photo Below:

On Monday morning, people have taken to the internet sharing #MondayMotivation, #MondayMorning and  #mondaythoughts. From motivational quotes to inspirational thoughts, various tweets are trending on social media.Check Out The Tweets Below:

Happy Monday!

Its a new week and that means a day full of another Monday blues and boredom to look forward to. But worry not, as some good folks on the internet are ready with #MondayMotivation and #MondayThoughts. People are sharing inspirational quotes and images to begin the new week on a positive note. Good morning wishes are also trending on social media platforms. Throughout the day, we will try to bring you trending topics, funny memes and viral videos. So stay tuned with us to know what is happening and what's making people laugh on the internet.

October 18 does not mark any major celebrations. But it is marked as Mickey Mouse's birthday. The adorable cartoon first made its debut in the year 1928. So die-hard fans of Disney are likely to share messages and images of their favourite character. We will get you the updates if it trends online. However, November 19 marks the celebration of International Men's day, so some thoughts and messages are likely to start trending online.

Social media makes it easier to keep tabs on all the trending topics on the internet. It could be a dog has done something utterly silly or someone's actions that could cause death, the range of what trends online is really vast. You cannot really predict what goes viral and when. Through this blog, we will try to get you a gist of all such fun stories, viral videos and even the latest meme trends. Stay tuned with us to catch up on all the fun on the internet. Hope you have a Happy Monday!