No matter how gorgeous they might appear, snakes scare the sh** out of many. It is mainly because of their suspicious nature and habit to hide in unexpected places. There have been so many videos surfacing on social media that show how the serpents are surprising humans with their sudden appearances. Be it trapped in a car wheel or slithering onto toilets; snakes sure have great surprising skills. A woman in Thailand was shocked to discover a sneaky snake hiding under her car bonnet. The video doing rounds on the internet show how a 13ft long python was wrapped in her truck’s engine and volunteers came out to help the woman. It looks like a tug-of-war, but with the large serpent. The viral video will hiss you out.

According to China Global Television Network (CGTN), the woman who is identified only as a teacher checked her pickup truck’s engine; she was shocked to discover a large python stuck in it. The video captures four rescue volunteers struggling to pull the reptile out of her vehicle. The report noted that the serpent was at least 13ft long. It took a while, before the snake was finally pulled out, unharmed and later released to the wild.

Watch the Video:

Isn’t it scary? Thankfully, no one was injured in the entire rescue operation. The snake was successfully pulled out of the vehicle. The snake was stuck in the engine. It is videos like this that makes the serpent even scarier, even though it did not harm anyone.

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