There are so many unusual things one would find on online shopping sites. Sometimes, even brands sell stuff which seems ridiculous to customers or viewers. Now, someone decided to use warning signs on train cover seats in the UK as bandeaus crop tops! A picture of UK's Chiltern Railways social distancing signs being used as boob bandeaus was uploaded on Depop, a social-shopping app. Now the pics are all over Twitter and we wonder if anyone would even purchase them. The user clearly stole these seat cover signs and is now selling them online for £15! Gucci’s ‘Distressed’ Ripped Stockings for Rs 14,000 Are So Meh! Here Are Other Brands Who Tried to Sell Most Basic Things for Astronomical Price in the Name of Fashion.

This not-so-great repurpose item was shared on Twitter by user Depop Drama with an apt caption, "I am lost for words". As per the screenshot shared from the app, the user writes, "Social distancing women's railway crop got a few of these so can try in different sizes. Message me before buying or with questions/good offers." The blue coloured seat cover sees two people sitting apart and the text on it reads, "Keep this seat free to maintain social distancing when possible." While it is totally apt for a train seat cover, it looks too odd on one's boobs! The tweet is going viral with funny reactions. Maggi Sandals Anyone? Italian Luxury Brand is Making Heels That Look Like Noodles!

Check The Pics Here:

A funny response is when a user tagged the official railways handle Chiltren's Railways in the comments. They replied, "Hi there, thanks for letting us know about this, we've raised to the relevant team," as people wondered what team looks into matters like these! Check some reactions online:

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Some cannot stop laughing while others called it horrific. In a report to The Independent, Chiltern's Railways said, "Whilst we appreciate this new take on railway memorabilia, these items are there to help customers travel with confidence and we would respectfully ask that they are left in place". Wonder how many takers would be there for these now.

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