Upward Lightning on Guatemala Mountain Caught on Camera, See Viral Pics and Video of This Unbelievable Natural Phenomenon!
Upward lightning (Photo Credits: Alyssa Barrundia Facebook)

A video of upward lightning that was seen on the top of a mountain in Guatemala has gone viral on social media. Photos and videos of the natural occurrence were captured by amateur photographer, Alyssa Barrundia. She captured the mesmerising sight on Friday at Volcan de Agua and posted the pictures on Facebook. The post has since then gone viral with people expressing their astonishment. Alyssa who is a missionary posted the pictures on Facebook with a verse from The Bible. Massive Waterspout That Looks Straight Out of a Sci-fi Movie Spotted Near Malaysia's Penang Island (Watch Video)

The post says, "The heavens declare the glory of God, and the firmament shows His handiwork. Day unto day utters speech, and night unto night reveals knowledge." Upward lightning is initiated from a tall object and goes upward to the overlying clouds. The occurrence has been observed and recorded since the 1930s. Reverse Waterfall! Storm Callum Causes Water to Go Upwards at Talisker Beach in Scotland (Watch Video)

Check Out The Facebook Post Here:

According to the Independent, Alyssa said that this is the second time such an occurrence was spotted on the mountain. And it was the first time, such an incident was caught on camera. Less than one percent of lightning travels in an ' upwards' direction. As the post went viral, people expressed their astonishment. One of the comment reads, "Incredible!! God is awesome! And you got some great shots of his handiwork!" It occurs when an enhanced electrical field is focused into the tip of a tall object. Recently, photographer Sergo Montufar clicked the photo of lightning striking the top of the Volcan de Agua volcano. It was even featured by NASA as its Astronomy Picture of the Day.