US Uber Driver ‘Boyfriend’ Zooms In to Save Smart-Thinking Female Passenger from a Creepy Man
Representational Image (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

As unfortunate as it is to state but the world is becoming a scary place for the women, with cases of crime against women only on a rise. But amongst all of the negative news that comes through, there are good people too. A Facebook post is going viral about an Uber driver who stepped in as his customer's boyfriend to save her from a male harasser. Brandon Gale, an Uber driver from US posted on Facebook about an unusual request he received from his passenger. From Creepy to Therapy, Uber Driver Let's Passengers Choose 'Type of Ride' From Menu Card; Netizens Impressed.

Brandon Gale had got a booking from a woman. And while he was on the way for the pickup he received a message from the woman saying, "When you get here, can you pretend to be my boyfriend?" He asked her what she meant and she replied that he just had to pretend that he knew her. Gale obliged and removed the Uber stickers from the window screen. He also removed all the stickers and took out his wedding ring too. Uber Driver Waits With 2 Women for 1.5 Hours at Midnight After Dropping Them As Gate to Their House Was Closed.

When he reached the spot and saw that a man and woman were talking in the front yard and she yelled out "Hi, Babe! I'll be right there!" Once she got in the cab, she explained to the driver that the guy was acting like a total creep to her. She further mentioned that he had a history of being aggressive and he demanded to give her a ride. Since she had to escape from his company, she decided to call her 'boyfriend.'

Check The Uber Driver's Post of Being a Boyfriend to his Passenger:

The post is getting all the love on Facebook and people are thankful to Brandon Gale who helped out a woman in need. Gale also mentioned that while the story had a good ending, it should never have happened in the first place. He also later updated that how people can use these cab aggregator apps to send out a signal in times of danger. "You can make special requests that could possibly save your life," he wrote. Well, not superheroes wear capes.