Vehicle Runs Over Woman Praying in Temple in Gujarat, Miraculously Survives The Accident (Watch Video)
Woman saved miraculously (Photo Credits: Viral Press)

A video going viral on the internet shows a woman being miraculously saved after a vehicle runs over her. CCTV footage of the incident shows the woman walking on the road when she suddenly stops to pray at a nearby temple. The woman removes her sandals and stands with folded palms in front of the Sai Baba temple.

Ramila Solanki was on her way to work when she stopped for in front of the temple to pray when the incident happened. While the dumpster van ran over her completely, she emerged alive surprising by-standers. The van was taking a reverse when the accident happened. It seems the van driver was unaware of the woman standing behind it and hit her unknowingly.

Many such videos of people being saved miraculously in road accidents have gone viral multiple times in the past. Video clips show terrible incidents those which could have been fatal, but the people emerged unhurt. Video of Man Walking Away Unhurt Hit by a Truck Goes Viral: Here Are Similar Unbelievable Accidents Where People Survived.

Watch the video below:

Seconds after the van passes over her, the 53-year-old woman springs back to life as pedestrians and shopkeepers come running to the scene. The incident happened at Surat in Gujarat. People gather around the vehicle with some seemingly angry at the driver for carelessness. Meanwhile, a man comes hurriedly and stands before temple which looks like he is thanking the God for saving the woman's life.