Video of Traveller’s Struggle to Adjust His Hand Luggage Inside Aircraft Goes Viral
Traveller’s Struggle to Adjust His Hand Luggage (Photo Credits: Video screengrab/ @lazblue/ Twitter)

We always take ourselves to be an expert flyer, no matter how rarely we travel. But deep down, we know the reality! And if someone were carefully observing our move, we would naturally be captured in an embarrassing social situation. Unfortunate enough for a traveller whose miserable flight fail was caught on camera, and the short clip is going viral now. Larry Lee posted a video on Twitter, which shows a man who is attempting to adjust his hand luggage into the overhead locker forcefully.

A fellow passenger shotted the highly entertained clip. No matter, how hard the man tries, the bag simply does not cram into the compartment. Basically, the passenger fails to realise that if he just turned the bag around, it would slit in comfortably as a helpful flight attendant quickly points out. So far, the video has been viewed more than 10 million times (still counting) and gained as much mockery from netizens.

“Seriously, how do people like this survive in the world?!” reads the tweet. Watch the hilarious video.

The clip ends by panning to a lady who could not control her laugh witnessing the entire saga. Viewers have been both shocked and entertained by the clip! To point out, yes there are many out there who fights with social acceptance. The situation appears funny to some, but the struggle may not be. One of the flyers Jamie Blanchard helpfully commented, “Did you think about offering help? Or did you just record and laugh? I’m a frequent flyer but I get that not everyone is.”