Viral Videos of the Week: From China’s Four Generation Challenge to Nigerian Singer Samuel Singh Crooning Bhojpuri Songs; Top 6 Videos That Went Crazy Viral
Viral Videos of the Week (Photo Credits: Instagram/ Twitter)

We are now in the middle of the week of the very first month of January 2019. Since, the New Year has begun, it perhaps came up with the biggest stage of viral video sensations. This week alone, there have been countless videos, pictures, memes, hashtags that have surfaced the internet all across the world capturing millions of views. So much, that it has become a challenge for the news journals to even cover at a time. Be it straight humour, emotion or just flat out stupid; these gems somehow find their way around the web. Hence, we have listed out the top six videos that went insanely viral the past week. For those who missed and those who did not, let us take a trip down memory lane with these—the finest, funniest, most adorable and heart-touching clips to go viral on the internet.

China’s Four Generation Videos

It is undoubtedly, the first cutest video of the year that netizens cannot stop gushing over. Famous as “Four Generations in One Room” or the “Four Generations Challenge”, the range of videos first appeared in Douyin (Chinese TikTok). From youngest to the oldest family members appears on the screen under one roof and netizens cannot agree more nodding the great-grandparents to be the cutest. The videos are so delightful that it is still ruling the global social media platforms including Twitter and Facebook. China’s Four Generations Challenge Is the Cutest Meme of 2019; Netizens Can’t Agree More. 

Classical Musician Evelina De Lain Record-Breaking Performance in the Himalayas

The London-based musician Evelina De Lain sets a new world record now. She performed 90-minute long on a grand piano in the Himalayas, India setting up a record for the highest ever classical concert at 5000m high altitude. The freezing temperature did not stop the pianist who gracefully performed at the heights beating the strong winds and cold weather. The show was reportedly a tribute to her mother who was also her best friend and soon the video was everywhere on the internet. Classical Musician Evelina De Lain Sets Record by Performing World’s Highest Concert on Himalayan Mountains. 

Rumus, Dog Which Responds to Harry Potter Spells

Harry Potter fans have only wished if there was a real Hogwarts where they could go and learn. Now since that is not happening anytime soon, YouTuber Anna Brisbin decided to take her fandom to the next level—by training her pet dog to respond to the magic spells from the series. And he is already a master at it! The 1-year-old miniature dachshund is from Los Angeles, and he has been learning to respond to the Harry Potter spells since he was two months old. The adorable video has only been receiving praises online. Meet Remus, a Dog Which Responds to Harry Potter Spells!

Mysterious Hibernating Animal Turns out to be Thousands of Spiders Nesting

Two men were walking near Alamos in the Mexican state of Sonora. They stopped at a sight that first appeared to them a furry mammal taking a quiet nap at the corner. Curious to know what it is, the duo decided to poke the creature with a stick, and they were stunned to discover that it was several spiders. It was later identified as pholcidae, popularly known as cellar spiders or daddy longlegs famous for hanging in messy and irregular webs. Seeing the video which went viral, the people online had only one thing to say alike—Don’t poke a hibernating animal! Two Curious Men Poke Furry Mysterious Hibernating Animal in a Mexican Cave & It Erupts Into Thousands of Spiders Nesting. 

Bride Dances With Her Dying Father on Her Wedding Day

This was the most emotional moment for everyone on the internet who came across this heart-touching video. While every girl excitedly prepares for that father-daughter duo on D-day, this performance was special. The bride Mary Bourne Butts performed with her reportedly terminally-ill father while he was on his wheelchair at her wedding reception. His health did not stop them from performing at his daughter’s big day. Bride Dances With Her Dying Father on Her Wedding Day, The Viral Video Will Make You Cry. 

Nigerian Singer Samuel Singh Sings Popular Bhojpuri Hits

We are not sure about all of you, but the Bhojpuri songs "Rinkiya ke Papa" and "Teri Aakhya Ka Yo Kajal" are a massive hit in India. No matter what the party theme is, nothing is ever complete unless these numbers hit the floor. And in facts, these songs are also the favourite for the hungry meme-makers in the country. Now there is another person, a singer from Nigeria, Samuel Singh who shares a similar love for these Bhojpuri songs. So much that the musician sang his version of the hit video and naturally the internet went insanely crazy over it. Rinkiya Ke Papa to Teri Aakhya Ka Yo Kajal, Watch Nigerian Singer Samuel Singh Croon Manoj Tiwari's Bhojpuri and Sapna Choudhary’s Haryanvi Hit Songs!

Aren’t they amazing? Social media is such a big deal these days, and the viral videos above are proof why. There is no better way to end the long tiring week by giving credits to these clips that make it easier or at least helps us to beat the strain. We crave for so much more to be surfaced this week too!