A pair of snake hunters have made a monstrous catch that could end up breaking the record for largest ever Burmese python in Florida. Ryan Ausburn and Kevin Pavlidis hunt for invasive species found in the deep Florida Everglades. Last week, the pair captured a beastly sized python which could potentially break the record for largest snake caught in the state. The current record stands at 18.8 feet long. Pictures and videos of the snake catching are shared on social media by the snake catchers and they are terrifying! This instance reminds us of a bloody battle catch of man-eater python by Mike Kimmel in same region back in June.

In his post, Kevin Pavlidis mentions that a single mistake in handling of this snake could have landed him in the hospital. He called it a "BEAST of a snake" that they took out of waist-deep water that too in the middle of the night. Ryan and Kevin work as contracted python hunters with the South Florida Water Management District and Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission respectively. Ausburn describe their capture as a real "Battle." The pictures and videos of the snake capture show how dangerous the scene was. Is This The World's Biggest Burmese Python? Meet 18-Foot-Long Pet Snake Hexxie From England Who Lives With Another Serpent and a Dog (Watch Video).

Check The Pics and Videos of the Largest Python Capture:

The video shows how the dangerous snake tried to wrap itself up around Ryan while Kevin tried hard to pull it out. As they mention in the caption, the snake was trying to make an escape while they both put all their strength to pull it out. The python is definitely more than 16 feet long. The official measurements will be done today and if it exceeds 18.8 feet, then it will be the largest Burmese python caught in the state!

These snakes are hunted down because they are an invasive species. The Everglades ecosystem is fragile and the pythons are killing it. As per reports, the area no more sees raccoons and marsh rabbits and opossums and other small, warm-blooded animals because Burmese pythons eat them. Large invasive snakes eating up the native wildlife is a problem which is why they are taken down and sometimes transported to other regions.

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