The incidence of pregnant elephant killing from Kerala is horrific, to say the least. The heinous act of feeding firecrackers and killing a jumbo has emerged a wave of outrage across the nation. But it gets us back to the main term of animal cruelty it falls under. This is unfortunately not a one instance scenario, but stray animals like cats and dogs go through such worse situations due to inhuman actions of some people. What can you do if you come across or happen to witness a scene of animal abuse and cruelty? Often people ignore it, that someone else will do something and the animal keeps on suffering. In this article, we tell you how to deal with the situation and how to seek help. Pregnant Elephant Killing Sparks Outrage in India; 5 Instances of Animal Cruelty Which Made Humanity Hang Its Head in Shame.

  • Access the Situation: If you see someone hitting an animal, try and access the situation. Is it a pet or is it a stray, what could be happening? Try and figure out what is the mental situation of the person inflicting the violence. For ex: Is he/she drunk?
  • Gather Proof: The best way to make your case is to gather proof. Shoot pictures or record a video of what is happening. Don't get too close but see what you can capture best.
  • Call for Witnesses: It is also wise to seek help from others around to counter the person inflicting violence or abuse on the animal. Having more strength helps in putting pressure than an individual.
  • Call Animal Rescue Organizations: It is always wise to save a few numbers in your phone of animal rescue organisations for times of emergency. In case, it is a pet who is not carefully looked after and getting hit by the owners, call up organisations who can intervene.
  • Create Awareness: Irrespective of you facing the situation or not, it is important to raise awareness about the issue. Volunteer with animal NGOs who are working for the cause and try to raise the issue. Read up on animal rights and laws so you can also share the knowledge regarding the same with others.

You can also directly intervene into a situation but it is possible that the person inflicting the violence is angry and it can direct on you. So always get some help or call up authorities. You can gather proof and help in the investigation case. Often animal abuse doesn't come across familiarly so it is important to gauge the signs and act.

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