Breakups are difficult are there is no defending the fact. Leaving a person who has loved deeply is quite an emotionally draining task and may also bring your morale down. After TV writer and performer Eden Dranger tweeted narrating her harshest rejection, more people took to the platform explaining how they were dumped or not accepted by their crushes or lovers. Eden tweeted saying, "What was your harshest rejection? I'll go first. One time, a super charming guy I had a crush on took me out to dinner a few times, invited me to a swanky gala, had me over for Thanksgiving, and then introduced me to his buddy as a girl I wish was my sister'." That would have hurt really bad! Worst Date Ever? Woman Dumped for Being Fat After Travelling 3 Hours to Meet Tinder Date, Recovers Half the Money Via GoFundMe Page.

Eden's tweet attracted a lot of social media users who defined how terribly they were left by people they loved. While some were first-time dates, others were by ditched by their partners. And reading the tweets it seems that people have been through really terrible times. Some also tweeted how they were outcasted from their friends' circle in the most embarrassing way. Meanwhile, some wrote about job rejection letters and other similar events in their lives. Tinder Date Gone Wrong! Man Meets GF's Parents Only to Find Out That He Has Had One Night Stand With Her Mother.

Check Out Eden Dranger's Rejection Story:

That's A Lot of Rejection For a Day


Who Does That?!

That's Heartbreaking!

So Rude!

Such a Horrible Situation!


Waste of Time, Energy and Money


If 'Harshness' Had to be Defined:

Nothing More Worse

Putting yourself together after a breakup could be really difficult. No matter what kind of rejection or breakup, the situation makes people depressed, lonely and sad. While the end of a romantic relationship often hurts badly, not being able to be with a person you are used to, is also difficult.

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