Woman Trapped in Neck-Deep Mud After Brazil Dam Collapses, Gets Rescued in Helicopter! (Watch Video)
Brazil dam burst (Photo Credits: euronews YouTube)

A dam collapsed in Brazil killing 40 people and leaving around 300 missing.  Houses in the state of Minas Gerais had to be evacuated and it is believed to be the worst mining disaster of the country since 2015. Controlled by Vale mining company, the dam in Brumandinho which was holding mine waste burst open on Friday morning. And now a video from the incident shows a woman being dramatically rescued from mud in a helicopter.

The woman seems to have been submerged in a shoulder deep marshy pit when the rescue team arrived in a helicopter. The footage shows workers pulling the woman who fractured a hip out of the mud and desperately looking for more survivors. She along with seven other injured people were taken to a hospital. Chennai: New Born Baby 'Sudhandhiram' Rescued From Drain, Undergoing Treatment In Children's Hospital; Watch Video.

Watch the video here:

As the mud gushed out of the dam, houses and vehicles in its way were swept away. It destroyed farmlands and emptied vegetation. While most people evacuated, some continue to remain trapped by the sledge formed from mud flowing like a river into resident areas. President Jair Bolsonaro described it as a "tragedy".

According to local reports, with so many missing people, the death toll is expected to rise in the coming days. Around 200 workers from the mine who were having lunch at the time when the dam broke are also in the number of people missing. Vale's owner Fabio SchvartsmanHe told a news conference that "the principal victims were our own workers" and that the restaurant where many ate "was buried by the mud at lunchtime".