Dani Trops who is said to be a Health Advocate on Instagram has been "puzzling" the ignorant public after she could be seen with no nipples in a video on TikTok. She revealed that she left the house wearing a see-through mesh top and no bra but one couldn't see her nipples. This left her fans "confused". It was revealed that in order to preserve her life, breast cancer survivor Dani Trops had a double mastectomy and because Dani's tumours were so close to her nipples, doctors had to make incisions across both of her breasts and remove them. Now that she has scars all over her breasts, Dani has decided to use TikTok, where she already has 245,000 followers, to spread the word about breast cancer and mastectomies. Viral Ontario Trans Teacher With Massive Fake Boobs Compared to Ivanka Trump by Her Own Brother Donald Trump Jr in Not-So-Funny Meme!

When some of her followers guessed that she may have probably used boob pasties, tape or stickers to cover her nipples, she said: "In that video what you are probably seeing as tape, is actually my scars. We just have to give it up for my surgeons as they did an impeccable job at reconstructing everything and making it look so beautiful in my opinion." She further said: "I'm just so incredibly grateful and just feel really confident in what they did. I try to show strength, beauty and inspiration through my scars which is hope helps others feel empowered."

Trolls and some ignorant user comments did fill her video comment section. Dani wore a see-through black top in a recent video that has received 21.4 million views without a bra underneath. The health advocate boldly displayed her scars from the invasive surgery along with her breasts. Dani then discussed some common remarks that people make when they see her out in public wearing a see-through blouse and no bra.

Woman with no nipples:

People who were also perplexed flooded her comments, and some even thought she was only covering her nipples with breast tape. Dani has expanded on her double mastectomy since the video went viral in an effort to educate people on TikTok about the cancer treatment. Many people were moved by Dani and flocked to the comments to thank her for raising awareness of breast cancer.

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