Women Earns Her Own Christmas Gift Cashing on Foot Fetish! Sells Pictures and Videos of Her Feet to Random Strangers Online!
Woman makes money selling foot pictures online (Photo credits: Pixabay)

The year-ending season is a rather expensive affair. Staring with Christmas the celebratory spirit extends into the New Years Eve. A time for parties, gifting and being merry, money needs to be handy. A mother in the US decided to finance her festive occasion in a weird manner, but since it worked for her, we can sure call it innovative. To accumulate some money for the festive season, she sold pictures of her feet online. Literally, putting her best foot forward and catering to foot fetishes, 21-year-old Kayla Woods managed to earn  $2,380 ie approximately 1.5 lakh rupees! This Woman Makes Rs 84 Lakhs by Selling Her Stinky Socks; Here’s How You Can Earn As Well.

A resident from Florida, realised there are enough people out there who have feet fetishes and she went ahead fulfilling them in return of money. She first started with platonic dates through a website Whatsyourprice.com. On this website, men pay money to women to go on a date. Then she started putting up videos and pictures of naked feet for those willing to admire. She created a network online and began to sell these pictures. She started with charging $10 per picture and $40 per video.

Some of the fanatics requested her to put up videos of her rubbing some vegetable oil on her feet. The requests were bizarre at times but she did not mind as long as she was getting paid. She wrote the client's name of her instep with a marker. Woods started her 'venture' from last Christmas. She has kept a payment option for people, they can either pay in cash or fulfil stuff from her Amazon list. Nail Art That Looks Feet Grown on Your Fingers Is Driving The Internet Crazy (Watch Video).

In the age of the internet, you can never really guess what will sell. So Kayla Woods has been financing herself quite well by sometimes just walking in her bare feet and playing music! Her job may have some sexual intentions, but she keeps them off. She is very clear that there won't be any sexual favours involved, so her husband is okay with it too. The mother of one used to think her feet are ugly, but no more. We bet not! Doing this has not just helped her Christmas shopping but her day to day expenses as well.