Zoo in England Slammed For Letting Visitors Play 'Tug of War' With Wild Tiger and Lion, Watch Videos
Zoo allows tug of war game with lion and tiger (Photo Credits: Video grab)

Visiting a zoo is always an interesting experience for children. It is fun to see different animals within enclosures, some like lions and tigers which many have watched only on TV or books. But a zoo in England has introduced a new experience for the visiting children. In their 'Human vs Beast Challenge', they have children as young as 8 years old taking on the wild animals like lion and tiger in a game of tug of war. Not just children even elders can join in and play the game against their male lion and tiger contenders. With one end of the rope inside the enclosure, the children are on the outside of the fence and 'play' with the wild animals. This exercise is said to be a part of a welfare technique for the animals. The move has been slammed heavily on social media. A Dog in Tiger Cage And Hens in Ostrich Enclosure, Chinese Zoo Angers Visitors, Watch Video. 

By paying £15, four children can collectively pit against felines on the other side of the cage. The Dartmoor Zoo also posted a video of the activity on their social media page and it wasn't taken to kindly by the viewers. They advertised it too giving names of the opponents. So children would be playing against the male tiger Dragan or male lion Jasiri. A piece of meat is attached at the end of the rope so that the animal takes it up and the tugging begins. Meanwhile, the zoo claimed it only an exercise to keep their animals fit. Zoo in Cairo Paints Donkeys Black and White to Pass Them Off As Zebras, Director Denies They Are Fake!

Watch Video of Children Playing Tug of War With Wild Animals at Dartmoor Zoo

Here's Another Video of Visitors Enjoying a Tug of War With a Lion

Animal activists were quick to reply with criticism for this challenge. They expressed their shock at the adverts being made on the social pages inviting people to take on the game. But the zookeepers said it was all a part of the exercise and no animal is forced to be a part of the game. If the lion or tiger is not in the mood, they don't hold on to the rope and go away. CEO Benjamin Mee said, "The public like it and it's working well. It is regarded as really good enrichment for the animals, whether the public are involved or not". He also added that the lions like it.

The social media was outraged seeing this as a part of an exercise. While some activists even said that the wildlife should be left in the wild and not hold them in enclosures. Others called it a money-making scheme to lure more people with the game.