Chennai Super Kings Takes a Jibe at Commentator After India's Ouster From CWC 2019; Netizens Assume It’s a Dig at Sanjay Manjrekar
Sanjay Manjrekar (Photo Credits: Getty)

For a few days now, Sanjay Manjrekar has been in the news for his comment on his bit and pieces comments on Ravindra Jadeja. A few netizens were also annoyed with his commentary during the CWC 2019 and they posted tweets about how annoying he was. A few social media users even posted tweets and said that they had muted their TV series when he was handling the mic. After India lost the semi-finals against New Zealand in the semi-finals of the Cricket World Cup 2019 a couple of days ago, Chennai Super Kings took a jibe at the commentator. Chennai Super Kings Takes a Cheeky Dig at Sanjay Manjrekar Over his Comments on Ravindra Jadeja. 

Just after India lost the game, the official account posted a series of tweets and one of them was, “Let's look at the brighter side. No more assault on the ears! 😉.” Post this, the netizens guessed that the jibe was at Sanjay Manjrekar. If one may recall, the official account of Chennai Super Kings had taken a dig at Sanjay Manjrekar for his comment on Jadeja.

Check out the tweet by Chennai Super Kings.

The netizens guessed if the jibe was at the former Indian cricketer.

Another one.

A piece of advice for the admin.

Last one.

Previously, netizens even ran a campaign where they asked the ICC to ban Sanjay Manjrekar from the commentary panel. The Chennai Super Kings on a couple of occasions had taken a dig at the commentator after his comment on Jadeja.