MS Dhoni Asked the Men in Blue to NOT Go Overboard After Winning the ODI Against Australia in 2008
MS Dhoni (File Photo)

Over the years, MS Dhoni is praised for his on-field attitude. He is known as the ‘Captain Cool’ of Indian cricket as the former captain is good at keeping his emotions under control regardless of the situation. In Bharat Sundaresan's new book -- The Dhoni Touch, Sundaresan talks about an incident which happened in Australia a decade ago when India played the ODIs against Kangaroos after the Monkey Gate Scam.

Dhoni had specifically asked the Men in Blue to not go overboard with the celebration after winning the ODI against Australia. He did not want Aussies to think that India’s won the game by fluke. With 10 runs to win, he called for gloves from the dressing room needlessly and he sent the message to the team about the celebrations. He even asked Indian to shake hands firmly with the opponents and give them a blank stare without any trace of excitement. “It was only the fifteenth ODI as captain for MS Dhoni, and he was at the crease with Rohit Sharma. With 10 runs to win, he called for a needless change of gloves. In cricket, it's generally with a pair of gloves that you see information arriving from the dressing room. Dhoni was doing the opposite though. He was sending a poignant message back to the pavilion. 'Nobody will celebrate on the balcony once we win this match.

“When they give their hand, just firmly hold yours out without folding it like an obligation, but don't overdo it. And just stare blankly at them without any hint of excitement,” read the excerpt from the book. It was Dhoni’s way of saying winning the match against Australia was no big deal. “This was Mahi's way of saying it's no big deal. My bowlers got them all out for 160 and we are chasing it down, usme kaunse badi baat hai (there's no big deal in it). If we celebrate wildly, the Aussies will be vindicated in their belief that this was an upset. We wanted to tell them that this is not a fluke. This is going to happen over and over again. The Aussies simply couldn't handle it. They were shaken.”