AUS beat IND by 146 runs | Australia vs India Live Cricket Score 2nd Test Match

Border-Gavaskar Trophy, 2018/19

Date: Dec 14, 2018 Start Time: 07:50 IST | 02:20 GMT | 10:20 Local
Venue: Perth Stadium, Perth
1st Inn - 326/10(108.3) 2nd Inn - 243/10(93.2)
1st Inn - 283/10(105.5) 2nd Inn - 140/10(56.0)
Australia beat India by 146 runs

Australia vs India Live Cricket Score - 2nd Test Match - Summary

End of Over : 56.0 IND: 140/10

Wow. 2 Test matches, 2 cracking games. Australia stretched India to the limit in Adelaide and here, except the final innings where the Indian batting caved in, both teams were neck-and-neck and small moments made the difference. We now have a week's break as everyone gets busy in their Christmas festivities. Then, comes Boxing Day which will be Australia's biggest game of the year at the MCG. Do join us for that as the third Test begins on Wednesday, December 26, 2018 at 10.30 am local (2330 GMT, previous night). Hopefully, it is another cracker. ADIOS! TAKE CARE!

55.6 W

OUT! It is all over! India are bowled out for 140. AUSTRALIA WIN BY 146 RUNS AND THE SERIES IS BACK LEVEL AT 1-1. The ball is on a good length and Bumrah looks to go for a slog but manages to get just a top edge. The ball goes high in the air but Pat Cummins takes a smart catch while sitting down right in front of the non-striker's end stumps. What a morning, 5 wickets within an hour and it wouldn't be far-fetched to say that this was on the cards too. It was just a matter of one wicket in the morning. The Aussies are elated and there are massive celebrations, hasn't taken them long to nip this off.

55.5 0

Another swipe at this one outside off and it is missed completely by the tailender.

55.4 0

Outside off, and Bumrah is beaten as he goes for a cut on the off side.

55.3 W

OUT! Number 9 is gone now. And it was pretty expected as well. Short delivery outside off, Ishant backs away and tries to hit it through the off side but gets a thick outside edge straight into the gloves of Tim Paine. Australia need just 1 more wicket level the series.

55.2 0

Goes short again on off, Ishant tries to slash hard but misses.

55.1 0

Short delivery again on middle, Sharma defends it off the back foot and onto the ground.

55.1 1

Starts off with a short delivery. Ishant nicely ducks underneath it.

End of Over : 55 2 Runs IND: 139/8
54.6 W

OUT! Brutal is the word. Starc gives the Indians a taste of their own medicine. Yesterday, Shami and Bumrah were aiming at the batsman's head. Today, it is Starc's turn to give it back. Yadav backs away to hit this away but the bowler follows him and the ball is aimed at Umesh's head. The bouncer is too good for the tailender and all he can do is just hang his bat out in front of his face. The ball goes off the top of the handle and pops up back to Starc for what probably could be one of the easiest catches of his career. Australia just 2 away now!

54.5 0

Kept out, from outside the off stump.

54.4 2

Yadav manages to get bat on this and push it away to square leg for a couple.

54.3 0

Quick, real quick! 150.9 kph. The ball goes off the inside edge and gets hit on the pads. The ball just drops on the off side.

54.2 0

Yadav wanted to hit that to Melbourne it seems! Getting hit maybe initiated this. Makes room to another bouncer and goes for a huge swipe and misses completely.

54.1 0

Ouch! That would be nasty. Starc comes around the wicket and the ball is a nasty bouncer aimed at the head. Yadav takes his eyes off the ball and is hit on the left shoulder.