ENG beat PAK by an innings and 55 runs | Pakistan vs England Live Cricket Score 2nd Test Match

Pakistan in England, 2 Test Series, 2018

Date: Jun 01, 2018 Start Time: 15:30 IST | 10:00 GMT | 11:00 Local
Venue: Headingley, Leeds
1st Inn - 174/10(48.1) 2nd Inn - 134/10(46.0)
1st Inn - 363/10(106.2) 2nd Inn - DNB
England beat Pakistan by an innings and 55 runs

Pakistan vs England Live Cricket Score - 2nd Test Match - Summary

End of Over : 46.0 PAK: 134/10

Trophy shared. Tour ended. Pakistan's stay in Europe ends. How often have you seen no century scored in a Test series? We'll let you find that out. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, goes Newton's third law of motion. England though, have given more than that. After being tamed at Lord's inside four days, they've retaliated in such a way that Pakistan were handed an innings defeat inside three days. Opposite, yes, but equal? Maybe not. Well, our company with you ends with this note. We'll see you soon with some international cricketing action. Meanwhile, you may switch over to the Afghanistan-Bangladesh game if you're feeling T20 deprived. Till the next time, cheers! Ta-ta! Take care!

45.6 W

OUT! That will do! ENGLAND WIN BY AN INNINGS AND 55 RUNS! Broad slants in a back of a length ball on middle, Abbas sticks back inside the crease to fend it off but it takes the shoulder of the bat and flies straight to Root at third slip. The English skipper makes no mistake and the hosts finally taste some success in Test cricket, after 8 matches. Smiles all around, the players are shaking hands and thanking the crowd as well. A neat performance to end the series 1-1.

45.5 0

Late swing and it's so late that it swings after beating the bat of the batsman. Broad angles in a length ball on off, Abbas pushes inside the line and misses.

45.4 1

Back of a length ball angling down the leg side, Amir turns it through square leg and picks up a single.

45.3 1

This one is too straight in line and it has been tickled behind square leg for a single.

45.2 0

Alters his length and goes short. Bangs it in around off and Abbas sits underneath it.

45.1 0

Fuller and on off, Abbas covers the line and blocks it back.

End of Over : 45 8 Runs PAK: 132/9
44.6 4

Four byes! That one probably hit the footholes. It spins big after landing around off, beats the swinging bat of Amir and goes past the keeper and first slip. Cook attempted to catch it by stretching his right hand but fails. Bonus runs but that's only going to narrow down the defeat margin.

44.5 0

Quicker and flatter on off, cracked off the back foot but straight to point.

44.4 0

Beaten! Amir aims for another slog sweep but this time the ball spins away after landing on off and beats the outside edge of the bat.

44.3 4

FOUR! A flighted ball landing just outside leg, Amir clears his front leg and heaves it over mid-wicket for a boundary.

44.2 0

Pitches it full and around off, Amir drives it down to mid off.

44.1 0

Shortish and close to the off stump line, Amir cuts it to cover-point.