2018 FIFA World Cup Video Diaries: Neymar Jr SLAMS Critics After his Goal Against Costa Rica
Neymar Jr Slams Critics in his Instagram Post (Photo Credit: Instagram/neymarjr)

Brazil’s Neymar Jr scored a goal yesterday against Costa Rica. The PSG forward shed tears of joy after the team won by 2-0 at the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Neymar Jr was out of action due to his foot injury, but the PSG forward left no stone unturned to get fit for the mega-event. Recently, but he was ruled out of practice session due to an ankle injury. But, his goal gave him a sigh of relief and he shed tears of joy on the field.

Post this, he put on an Instagram post where he slammed the critics. He shared a picture of himself in tears and captioned it, “Not everyone knows what happened to get here, talk until parrot talks, now do ... few do!! The cry is of joy, of overcoming, of claw and will to win. In my life things have never been easy, would not be now right!!! The dream continues, not dream ... PURPOSE! Congratulations on the boys' game, you are FUCK.”

After winning the match, Brazil coach Tite addressed the press and told the reporters, “The joy, the satisfaction, and the pride of representing the Brazilian national team is a lot. He has the responsibility, the joy, the pressure and the courage to show it. We each show it in our own way.”While speaking about Neymar he said, “He was three-and-a-half months out (with injury) and he played the full match He is a human being, he needs time to reach his high standards again but before that, there is a team that needs to be strong and not dependent on him. Is he going to be back to his best? Yes, he is going to be back to his best.”