Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen have been labelled as long-term rivalries in the sport. After the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2021 tit was said that they could be sworn, enemies. But no! Lewis Hamilton says that he holds no grudges against the Red Bull racer. The Abu Dhabi GP had nothing to do with Max Verstappen as he did everything a driver would do to win a race. He was all praises for Red Bull racer and said that he is a great competitor. Lewis Hamilton Hugs Max Verstappen After The Latter Wins Formula 1 Championship 2021 (Watch Video). 

Hamilton went on to say that he doesn't hold grudges and wants to move on. also promised that the two racers will grow from race to race. With this, he wants to fully focus on the season ahead and would want to give his best. Hamilton kind of said that nothing will stop him from giving his best this year.  I don’t dwell on the past and as I said before, I feel fresh, I feel centered and fully focused. I don’t have anything holding me back this year. Not that I did last year but I am not letting that experience be one of those," he said.

Recently Lewis Hamilton appeared for the official car launch of Mercedes and shunned the rumours of retirement. It would be interesting to see how the season pans out for two of them. The season will begin in March 2022 with Bahrain GP 2022 where the racers will take on each other.

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