San Francisco, July 2: Tech leaders have been trying to make their AI chatbots behave as naturally and humanly as possible. The technological advancement in chatbots has made them necessary for daily life. However, recently, Bland AI-developed AI robocall services, known to imitate a human voice effortlessly, have faced criticism. The AI voice bot by San Francisco-based Bland AI claimed to be a human on a call with a teen and asked her to upload photos of her upper thigh to a shared cloud. 

Bland AI's voice bot uses advanced technology to imitate a human voice easily and adapt to different dialects, emotional tones and vocal styles. Initially introduced for customer service and sales, this AI agent has been criticised by many over its deceiving abilities. According to a report by Inside Paper, Bland AI's voice agent, in a recent viral video advertisement, ridiculed employing real people and promoting artificial intelligence technology as highly believable instead. AI for Prescription: Using Artificial Intelligence for Self-Prescription Poses Risk to Human Life, Warn Health Professionals on Doctors' Day 2024.

Bland AI Voice Bot Calling Video, Watch Here: 

In this viral video posted on X, a person, appearing to be in first-person view, stands outside a board that reads, "Still hiring humans?" In the video, Bland AI introduces itself by saying, "Hey, this is bland AI. I am an AI agent that makes millions of phone calls for businesses and in any voice." Then, the Bland AI agent asks the person about his name, to which he replies that his name is Mike. 

The Bland AI agent further said to Mike that it can be programmed to do sales, customer support or any type of phone call. Despite such capabilities to voice any person and serve for sales, customer support and calls, the report highlighted a disturbing fact - the Bland AI voice bots could also be trained to lie and pose as a human, a deceptive feature that should raise serious concerns. OpenAI Sora-Rival Gen-3 Alpha Text-to-Video Generator by Runway AI Now Available for Everyone; Check Details.

The report said that the Bland AI's public demo was given a prompt to place a call from a pediatric dermatology office to a hypothetical 14-year-old patient. The AI bot asked the hypothetical teen to share photos of her upper thigh with a shared cloud. In further tests, the Bland AI voice bot reportedly denied being an AI without providing instructions. 

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