CES 2019: Google Announces E Ink Screen, New Assistance Features, Interpreter Mode at Trade Show
Google E Ink Screen Showcased at CES 2019 (Photo Credits: Twitter)

CES 2019 or Consumer Electronics Show 2019 is very crucial for Google and the American tech giant also knows it. Looking to grab from the same, the American tech giant is going big at the trade show. The company has also created a small world-styled ride at its booth. According to the report from Verge, Google is focusing on developing an entire ecosystem for Google Assistant similar to the one build for Android. Moreover, the company has also confirmed that they want this ecosystem to be everywhere. And, the company is showcasing a cute little E Ink Screen at CES 2019. CES 2019: New Samsung 75-inch 4K MicroLED TV Officially Revealed.

This new prototype from Google is capable of showing weather as well as other information. However, it can’t be referred as a full-fledged smart device. Google is also showcasing a little button, which can be employed for starting Google Assistant actions.

Banking on the same, the American tech giant is justifying its presence at this year's trade show by announcing number of stuffs. One of the major announcements is that the company has added new advanced features for Google Assistant along with new gadgets as well as new programs for third-party companies.

As far as the new software features are concerned, Google will be rolling out new interpreter mode for automatic translation, assistance for boarding passes, lock screen access for more android phones, auto-reply, baking assistance into Maps and much more.

Talking about the third-party integration, it includes Dish Hopper integration, Google Assistant for Sonos speakers, KitchenAid Smart Display, Samsung TV integration, Philips Hue integration and much more.