Forget Solar Storm, Australia Might Witness The Beautiful Aurora Australis Tonight
Aurora Australis in shades of warm red and pink (Photo credits: Perth Weather Live/Leonie Downey)

The internet is buzzing with a solar storm that is supposed to reach the Earth today. However, there is nothing dangerous about this geomagnetic waves from the Sun. Instead, the Aussies might be able to witness the beautiful spectacle of the Southern Lights or the Aurora Australis. The people of Tasmania may get to see the natural light display in the sky. It will, however, not be seen from the mainland area of the continent. But if the levels stay high until the evening, then the southernmost reaches of Australia may witness the show.

If you know a little about the phenomenon of Auroras, then you may be aware these are caused by the solar winds which disturb the magnetosphere. The charged particles in the form of electrons and protons get precipitated in the Earth's upper atmosphere. The lights you see are a result of the ionization between these particles. Amazed by Aurora Borealis Pics? Scientists Study How the Beautiful Phenomenon of Northern Lights Occur

Not just Australia, the Northern Lights display is also predicted in US and Canada. As per information provided by North Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), it can be stated that states like North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin could also see the lights. Northern-most part of Ireland, Norway, and parts of Sweden and Finland can see the lights.

Check out the Northern Limit of Aurora Visibility

Kp Geomagnetic Activity Northern Limit Northern Limit Location
3 Unsettled High Latitudes Southern Tasmania
4 Active High Latitudes All of Tasmania
5 Minor Storm High Latitudes Coastline of Victoria
6 Major Storm High Latitudes Southwest Coast of Western Australia
7 Severe Storm Mid Latitudes Southern NSW
8 Severe Storm Low Latitudes Southern Queensland
9 Severe Storm Equatorial The Tropics

Some solar storm reports state that it may cause electric power grid fluctuations and also affect radio signals. But it is only a minor storm which will give you a spectacular show. So gear up to witness this amazing nature's light show in the night sky!