“The internet dictates choices we make in this age; from purchasing & hiring decisions, investments, social media interactions and overall impressions,” said Co-Founder, Ed Butcher.

“The process of maintaining a clean digital identity can be frustrating when attacks take place, undermining false articles and accusations. Repspert provides tailor-made ORM Solutions for SMEs, corporations, personal brands and public figures who understand the importance of a sound online reputation.

The co-founders have observed the damage that exists with illegitimate unregulated content, spurring them to create a service that assists entities and individuals avoid fate.

Repspert provides services that eliminate defamatory online content, ranging from articles, blogs, reviews and features. “Targeted online attacks have become more popular than ever before, as these aggressors have identified the sweet spot for ruining a brands reputation,” said

Co-Founder Ed Godfrey. “Business can see a downturn in revenue as a result and overall trust with clients. We don’t believe brands should have to accept this as reality any longer.”

The internet has given everyone a voice, regardless of what is factual or not. We repair online reputations not businesses. It’s about separating what is unfair and what might be constructive criticism.

The Repspert proprietary strategy is one that removes the guesswork from ORM. In an oftenmisunderstood industry, RepSpert is making ORM available to everyone.

Commencing 6 months ago the business has developed quickly and currently eyeing international expansion. We are constantly developing new tech to add to our suite of services.