Sanzar Futureteq Gekko GX1 Digital Smartwatch: An Affordable Hybrid Activity Watch To Cater Your Fitness Goals
Gekko GX1 Digital Smartwatch (File Photo)

With the ever-changing technology, no one would have ever thought that smartwatch will be a gaming changing advancement in the wearable technology. Gone are the days of traditional living. Today, we love to live in such an environment where everyone is connected to devices. The demand for the smart wearables grew by 60 per cent in the domestic market last year. As the intelligent wearables are aided by rising health consciousness and growing awareness of health tracking products, the demand is expected to increase in the future.  Carving a niche for itself, smartwatches have found a bond with the consumers and banking on the same - Sanzar Futureteq Private Limited took a leap of faith and introduced a digital smartwatch. Is Gekko GX1 Digital Smartwatch worth a buy?? Let’s find out! Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 6GB Variant Review: A Value for Money Mid-Range Smartphone With Max on Battery & Performance.

Gekko GX1 Digital Smartwatch (File Photo)

The innovative Gekko GX1 smartwatch from Sanzar Futureteq is a hybrid product featuring both analogue and a digital smartwatch that will attract the wider audience, majorly teenagers and young adults. An analogue screen display on the Gekko GX1 is designed to proffer statistics via an app –FunDoBracelet that comes with notifying capabilities. Though stylish and striking, the rugged appeal underlines the trendy looks & features of the smartwatch. Another highlight of this smart wearable is that it does not require any conventional charging, which is seen on the regular wearable devices. On the contrary, the Gekko GX1 gets a battery that is claimed to last at least a year in comparison to other digital smartwatches.

The core design of watch rightly matches with the fast-paced lifestyle of the users that features a sapphire glass dial, which is claimed to be scratch resistant. The sturdy build quality of the watch is sufficient enough to endure bumps and knocks on its everyday usage. New OnePlus 6T Leaked Images Reveals Exciting Features; Launch Likely by Mid-October.

On the technical front, the 1.1-inch display size is just perfect with all the essential details placed accordingly across the dial. For connectivity, the watch packs Bluetooth 4.0 and weighs about 80 grams. Dimensionally, the smartwatch measures 62X56X16.8mm. Featuring a German Dialog chipset beneath, it comes with a bunch of smart features such as Pedometer, Calories burnt, Sedentary reminder, sleep monitor, barometer, altitude measure, UV index, temperature, camera remote control, call & app notifications and more.

Gekko GX1 Digital Smartwatch (File Photo)

The main underline of the smartwatch is that it not only tracks the duration of the sleep but also the quality of sleep. The watch also keeps track of the user’s sleep trends for improving the sleeping habit, which can be tracked by a smartphone app. The smartwatch also monitors the number of steps taken by the user and displays calories burnt providing wearer’s fitness trends.

Gekko GX1 Digital Smartwatch Tracking on app (File Photo)

The wearer can checkout essential data like altitude, UV index, temperature and barometric pressure that is recorded on the FunDoBracelet app that can be installed from the App Store and Google Play store. The smartwatch is quick to give notification alerts for calls, WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Gekko GX1 Digital Smartwatch (File Photo)

Taking a picture with the smartwatch is an easy task. The users can convert the watch as a remote control for taking photos on the go. Another underline of the smartwatch is that it doesn’t require daily charging headache, the coin battery is sufficient to provide backup of a year.

Verdict: Gekko GX1 Digital hybrid smartwatch from Sanzar Futureteq is an affordable option for keeping up for your fitness trends. Priced at Rs. 4,995, Gekko GX1 is priced at an accessible price point in comparison to other hybrid smartwatches currently on sale in the Indian market.