Will it be End of World? Dangerous Asteroids to Hit the Earth Could Wipeout our Existence
Representational Image (Photo credits: Pixabay)

Asteroid collisions are not too new. Almost every day there so many of space stones which fly by in the universe and around the Earth's atmosphere. While most of them are not dangerous a group of experts are suggesting a giant rock that could hit the Earth has so much of potential danger that it could pose a serious threat to humanity. The B162 Foundation, that has some former astronauts, scientists and enthusiasts studying the Earth have expressed the lack of defense we have to save the planet from a huge asteroid in near future. Even NASA warned that 5 asteroids would fly closeby from the Earth.

At this point, it may look like some bizarre theory or a hoax but the B16 Foundation define themselves as an organization that, "that works towards protecting the Earth from asteroid impacts and informing and forwarding worldwide decision-making on planetary defense issues." NASA has been tracking the asteroids that could hit the planet and are big enough to cause problems. But right now it is not fully equipped to figure out all the asteroids in the sky. Right now only 18,000 of them are being tracked globally, some of them not even catalogued.

The B162 team says that identifying the existence of this potential danger is tough and more is deflecting it from the course towards the planet. They are saying there needs to be some sort of energy and an advanced mechanism to deal with the grave possibility. They are working on a 'gravity tractor' that will change the course of the asteroid. B612 president Danica Remy, who also heads the organisation's Asteroid Institute program, spoke to a website that there are several operational telescopes worldwide that can detect asteroids on trajectories to Earth, but they can only pick up a small number of them. "The telescopes' field of view is very small and the sky is very big," Ms Remy said. If one of the undetected asteroid zooms past the telescopes which are watchful of these rocks, then it is definitely a bad news. The team is working on a number of methods by which potentially hazardous asteroids can be disarmed.