There’s a problem in the music industry. As digital streaming platforms continue to dominate the music scene, it’s becoming harder and harder for independent artists to get noticed and leave their mark on the world. There are 60,000 new songs uploaded to Spotify every day, so it’s not surprising that it’s easy to get lost in the noise. That’s where Underground Sound comes in.

Founded by Jake Kavaler and Zachary Spar, the company’s sole mission is to create a platform that better assists artists in receiving organic exposure. Along with free streaming and unlimited uploading capabilities, on the UGS app, artists are able to receive feedback on their music from fellow artists as well as listeners.

The product was born from a nearly decade-long struggle as Kavaler tried finding his way as a musician in an oversaturated industry- the team truly understands the struggle of the everyday artist; hence their tagline “For Artists, By Artists”.

Underground Sound sets itself apart from other music streaming platforms by taking the best features of those apps and twisting them to benefit the artist instead of the company. Unlike Spotify and Apple Music, Underground Sound enables users to directly upload, share and monetize their work all on one platform. The app is built specifically for discovering new music, making it the perfect app for up-and-coming artists to authentically grow their network and build a sustainable career.

Underground Sound has created a community that is thousands strong and growing steadily after its release on the App Store on June 25.