It takes a lot of effort for people to establish themselves in any field of career these days because of how difficult it has become. However, if you are passionate enough, no greater power in this world is capable of stopping you from reaching your path. Follow it and keep going no matter how difficult the hurdles get each time come up it is just life and it’s difficult levels, that’s all. Let’s have an expert’s words on it.

Interviewer: Do you think you will be able to stay invested in digital marketing for a long period of time? How will you manage to do so?

Harsh Garg: It’s not about managing to remain in this field of career, I truly enjoy working as a marketer and the profits are just extras according to me. My basic job is to help people out with their online digital platforms in their times of need, that gives me great joy and I don’t think it will ever stop being a source of encouragement anytime sooner.

Interviewer: What do you actually specialise in in the field of digital marketing?

Harsh Garg: A lot of things which I cannot be mentioning in the short span of time that we have but I will make sure to highlight the important parts. The very first thing is promotional activities and setting up a business online for the first time ever come up as I have been asked to do so for a lot of small business organisations during the pandemic time. If you cannot promote your business, you are probably not going to gain anything out of it. The next thing is educating people on how digital marketing works and what are the myths about it. Some people think that your business will automatically gain income after they have contacted a digital marketer, it takes a lot of patience and time, I try my hardest to apply trending methods and tactics therefore it works out. Beware, only let a professional make important decisions.

Interviewer: How innovative, what do you think that this generation should follow if they want to become a marketer themselves?

Harsh Garg: I will not lie, it is an extremely difficult field to become a professional at. However, if you are truly dedicated, who am I to stop you? Keep researching and keep learning, knowledge is the biggest key to success.