45 Killed by Armed Bandits in Northern Nigeria
The provincial police said it would crackdown on the bandits involved in the murder | Representational Image | (Photo Credits: Getty)

Lagos, May 6: At least 45 bodies were recovered from the fields of Birnin Gwari area of Kaduna province in northern Nigeria. The casualties were caused during a clash between the armed bandits and civilian militia in the region.

Among the deceased also include children, many of whose parents escaped the assault by the bandits of Zamfara forests, local media reports said. The bandits had been camping Birnin Gwari since last evening, before launching the attack late in the night.

"The 45 bodies were found scattered in the bush. The bandits pursued residents who mobilised to defend the village after overpowering them," a member of the civil militia was quoted as saying by news agency AFP.

The bandits of Zamfara region have been in conflict with the villagers of neighbouring parts over issues pertaining from the use of cultivable land to the ownership of cattle and hunting animals.

Kaduna police, in its statement, said it has taken cognizance of the murders and launched an operation to crackdown on the armed bandits involved in the crime.

The incident brings to fore the diverse nature of security threats faced by Nigeria. While the nation is battling Boko Haram extremists in the north, it is also countering the pirates in the oil-rich south. On the east, it is faced with an insurgency movement supported by local militias, where, the vast central swathes of the country is embroiled in battle between the villagers and tribal bandits.