Brian Varela, US Man Who Raped Teen While She Was Dying, Gets 34 Months in Jail
Representational Image (Photo Credits: Alexas_Fotos/Pixabay)

Washington, November 21: A US court sentenced Brian Varela, who raped a teen while she was dying of a drug overdose, to about three years in prison after he had pleaded guilty to felony charges that included second-degree manslaughter and third-degree rape. Judge Linda C Krese said Washington state's sentencing law restricted her from imposing harsher punishment.

According to the police, Varela met the victim on the night of February 23 this year. On Varela's bed, the victim snorted "a fat line" of crushed Percocet. She seemed "really out of it" while Varela was having sex with her. Varela told the police that he then had given a glass of highly concentrated THC, after which she had collapsed. Uttar Pradesh: 8-Year-Old Minor Raped By Stepfather in Ghaziabad; Case Registered Under POCSO.

After she fell almost unconscious, Varela searched "what to do if someone overdoses on perks" on Google. Even though top results suggested him to call 911, but Varela took picture of the victim lying unconscious and half-naked in his bed. He shared the picture with his friends in a group and bragged that she had had sex with her.

"She looks dead," one friend said. "Bro you killed her," the same friend said moments later. Varela went on to play video games and then fell asleep. Next morning, he noticed foam coming out of the girl's mouth. He called his roommate and a friend, who checked the teen's pulse and felt nothing. His roommate advised him to call the police, but again, he didn't.

Varela locked his room and went to work in the Seattle suburb of Lynnwood. The victim had died between that night and morning. He also admitted to a friend that he wasn't sure if she was alive or dead when he was having sex with her. When he returned from work, he washed her body to try to remove his DNA and redressed her. Varela then packed her body in a plastic crate with onions to mask the odour.