China to Open 50 Yoga Colleges Amid Rising Popularity For Ancient Indian Discipline
A simple yoga pose that relieves digestive problems (Photo Credits: Wikimedia Commons)

Beijing, December 24: China will open 50 yoga institutes in the wake of the ancient Indian discipline gaining popularity in the country. This was announced by the dean of China-India Yoga which opened its first branch at Yunnan University in the city of Lijiang on Saturday.

The China-India Yoga College is a part of an understanding to increase cultural exchange between both countries. A total of 50 branches will be set up to boost yoga education and teacher training, Chen Luyan, dean of the China-India Yoga College was quoted as saying by the Xinhua news agency. Does Yoga Make You A Self-Centred Egoistic Narcissist? Yes Says Study.

Nearly 100 yoga teaching and training centers will also be built to provide teacher training courses, yoga workshops and non-profit courses, Chen said. The China-India Yoga College recruits undergraduates and postgraduates at Yunnan Minzu University. It was founded in June 2015.