Bogota, November 7: Colombian authorities have captured the suspected organiser of the attack on President Ivan Duque's helicopter in June, Defense Minister Diego Molano announced. "We tracked him down and captured him. Alias 'Aurelio', the alleged mastermind of the terrorist attack on the helicopter of President Ivan Duque on June 25 in Cucuta," Molano tweeted.

A helicopter with the President, several ministers and local officials on board was shot at from the ground when they were travelling in the northeastern Norte de Santander department, reports Xinhua news agency. No injuries were reported.  Iraqi Prime Minister Assassination Attempt: Mustafa al-Kadhimi Unharmed in Drone Attack, Say Officials.

Aurelio is alleged to be a member of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). The guerrilla group was demobilised in 2016 and became a political opposition party, but a small faction of FARC leaders announced a return to armed activity later. Molano said the FARC dissidents want to increase their influence in the region, but the government "will dismantle (them) and regain tranquility and security for Norte de Santander".

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