Donald Trump Calls Kim Jong-Un a 'Talented' Leader as Both Agree on 'Complete And Verified Denuclearisation' of North Korea
Trump said the "dark period of US-North Korea ties" ceases to exist from today. "Now, the time has come for us to build an excellent relationship," the US President added | (Photo Credits: Getty)

Singapore, June 12: US President Donald Trump on Tuesday termed his meeting with North Korea Supreme leader Kim Jong-un as "one of the greatest moments in the history of the world". Trump said that both leaders agreed on complete denuclearisation of North Korea even as sanctions will remain for now and also called Kim a "talented" leader. "The sanctions will come off when we are sure that nuclear missiles are no longer a factor. I am looking forward to take them off," the US President said. Trump also said that the US will stop holding military exercises on the Korean peninsula after today's meet. (Full Text of Joint Statement Issued by Trump and Kim Jong)

Speaking on the new relations between the two leaders, Trump said, "We are prepared for the new history. We are ready to write new chapters. The past does not to have define future." "Kim Jong-Un has the chance to seize a better future for his country. Anyone can make war but only the most courageous can make peace," Trump added.

The historic summit between North Korea and the US has ended with the "signing of comprehensive documents". "We signed a very comprehensive document today and I think when he (Kim Jong Un) lands in North Korea he will start the process soon," Trump said adding that Kim Jong always wanted to do this but "never had the confidence in any of the previous Presidents in getting things done."

Trump also said that he will be inviting Kim Jong-Un to the US soon. "I will be inviting Kim Jong Un at the appropriate time and he has accepted," he said addressing the media after the summit between the two leaders.

Calling it a big commitment, Trump said, "I think this meeting was good for United States as it was for North Korea. Only a person who hates Donald Trump would say that I have agreed to make a big commitment. Yes, it was a big commitment to meet Kim. But, it was good for us."