Japanese Climber Nobukazu Kuriki Who Lost Fingertips to Frostbite Dies on Eighth Attempt to Climb Mount Everest
Nobukazu Kuriki, Japanese climber died in his eighth to climb Mount Everst (Photo Credit: Twitter/@EverestToday)

Kathmandu, May 21: A Japanese climber, Nobukazu Kuriki who lost nine fingertips to frostbite in his previous expedition, died on Monday. According to an official, the climber died during an attempt to climb Mount Everest. Kuriki was the second person to die on the world's highest mountain during the current climbing season.

The 36-year old climber was found dead while sleeping in a camp 2 tent at 7,400 metres (24,278 feet) on the 8,850-metre (29,035-feet) mountain, the tourism department official Gyanendra Shrestha told Reuters. He further added, "Sherpas found his body inside the tent." According to Shrestha, due to poor communication with higher camp, the details of the incident are not immediately available.

According to the report, Kuriki had made seven unsuccessful attempts to scale Everest. In 2012, Kuriki lost his fingertips after he spent two days in a snow hole at 27,000 feet on Everest in temperatures below minus 20 Celsius. The other person who died on Mount Everest was Macedonian Gjeorgi Petkov, 63. According to officials, he died at the weekend climbing Everest.

Officials also confirmed to Reuters that scores of climbers had successfully made it to the top of Everest this month taking the benefit of good weather. According to the report, more than 340 foreign climbers are allowed by Nepal to ascend the peak during the current season.