Pakistan ASP Suhai Aziz Talpur Praised For Heroic Efforts While Saving Many Lives During Terrorist Attack on Chinese Consulate
Pakistan police ASP Suhai Aziz Talpur praised for her heroic act during terrorists attack on Chiniese Consulate in Karachi (Photo Credits: Twitter/SMQureshiPTI)

Islamabad, November 24: Pakistan’s Assistant Superintendent Police (ASP) Suhai Aziz Talpur is winning applause for her heroic role during the terrorist attack on Chinese consulate in Karachi's Clifton Block 4 on Friday morning. She immediately rushed to the spot where the attack took place after receiving the information and saved many lives.  ASP Talpur was the first police officer to reach the spot. There was still an exchange of fire between the security forces and the terrorists when she reached the consulate.

ASP Talpur told Pakistan’s Dawn News, “Around 9 am, I got the news that there was an attack at the Chinese consulate. I was already on my way to work, so we redirected and rushed to the crime scene.” Her immediate response saved many lives during the attack. The Pakistan police officer is the first woman from lower Sindh to join the police force. Netizens also appreciated her for her bravery. According to reports she will be promoted to the rank of Superintendent of Police. China Again Declines to Reveal Details of Financial Assistance to Pakistan

Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi took to Twitter to appreciate her bravery. Mehmood tweeted, “Pakistan is proud of all it’s brave daughters like SP Suhai Aziz. She was among the first to reach the Chinese Consulate and successfully lead the operation that thwarted the terrorist attack in Karachi today.”

Even Senator Sherry Rehman also praised ASP Talpur for her efforts. Rehman in a tweet said, “In the middle of a hard day, Pakistan’s remarkable women rise to be the silver lining. So proud of Suhai Aziz, the woman who fearlessly spearheaded the vanguard of the successful police operation against terrorists at Chinese consulate.”

Two policemen posted for the security of Chinese officials were killed in the gunfire, whereas, three terrorists have been eliminated. Eye-witnesses claimed that the attackers were in possession of hand grenades, which they threw inside the consulate campus.