Pakistan: Hindu Teacher Attacked on Blasphemy Charges in Sindh's Ghotki, Temple Vandalised
Pakistan National Flag (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Islamabad, September 15: Days after questions were raised on the safety of minorities in Pakistan by political leaders in India, a Hindu teacher was beaten up by a mob and a temple vandalised in Pakistan’s Sindh province. The teacher was attacked on suspicion of blashphemy, said reports. The Pakistan media reported that mob vandalized a school and protested in Ghotki, Sindh, after the school's Principal, Notal Mal, a Hindu was accused of blasphemy and booked. Sharad Pawar Says Pakistanis Are Very Welcoming, Terms Article 370 Repeal as 'Decision Against Minorities'.

The students allegedly involved themselves in blasphemy activities and the mob attacked the teacher following the allegations. After the incident, the Ghotki city in Sindh, where the incident took place, has been on the boil. Pakistan is Committing 'Systematic Genocide' of Minorities: Baloch HRC Secretary.

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The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan shared a video of protesters going violent and disturbing the infrastructure of the school. It expressed concern over the situation. "Alarming reports of accusations of blasphemy in Ghotki and the outbreak of mob violence," the rights organisation said in a tweet.

India's Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Saturday had warned Pakistan on its treatment of minorites and said that it will soon get "fragmented into multiple units" and blamed Pakistan for playing the politics of religion.

Speaking at an event in Surat, Gujarat, Rajnath lashed out at Pakistan for supporting terror and alleged that "India and Pakistan were partinioned on the basis of religion" because of the mindset of people who created Pakistan and said that it would "disintegrate soon".

Singh also lambasted Pakistan for talking on human rights of people in Kashmir affected by India when Pakistan "isn't able to provide security to the minorities in its country". Rajnath Singh reiterated that "the minorities in India were, are and will always be safe."