Washington, October 17: Swing states, also referred to as the battleground provinces, hold more weightage in the US presidential elections contest as compared to other provinces. Six to 12 states are categorised as swing states ahead of the polls at every four years. The pre-poll rating agencies had, ahead of the Donald Trump vs Joe Biden clash, had identified eight major swing states. Which Way The Swing States Are Going? Here's What Poll Tracker Suggests.

The provinces are referred to as "swing states" primarily due to the fluctuating nature of their electorate. While most provinces in the US are largely identified as either Democratic or Republican bastions, it is the swing states that end up making the difference in presidential poll contest due to the evolving voter sentiment.

Which Are The Swing States in US Presidential Elections 2020?

The major pre-poll researchers including Fox, CBS News, YouGov, Redfield and Wilton, and FiveThirtyEight agency have identified eight major swing states in this presidential elections. They are as follows:

  • Michigan
  • Ohio
  • Pennsylvania
  • Iowa
  • Wisconsin
  • North Carolina
  • Georgia
  • Arizona
  • Florida

Why Are They More Crucial in Determining Presidential Poll Results?

The swing states, apart from the fluctuating nature of their voters, also hold prominence due to the large number of electoral delegates they are represented by. The winner of the swing states, as per the precedent, ends up winning the presidential polls due to the concentration of electoral college votes in his favour. Florida - What The Polls Suggest and Why It Matters The Most?

In the United States, though voting for the presidential polls are held directly, the Presidents are elected indirectly. The voters, through their mandate, empower the delegates of the political parties to vote for their respective presidential candidates in electoral college.

Due to the higher weightage of electoral college delegates, the swing states are more crucial in determining the poll results as compared to other provinces.

For instance, Alabama - a non-swing state - which is a Republican bastion for the last 46 years, carries only 9 electoral college votes. On the other hand, Florida - a solid swing state which went in favour of George W Bush in 2000, rallied behind Barack Obama in 2008 and propelled Donald Trump's victory in 2016 - carries a weightage of 29 electoral college voters.

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