Wild Weekend in Florida: Three Naked Girls Lead Police on Hour-Long Car Chase
Florida police officers confront the naked girls in the white Nissan Sentra after a 30-km car chase | (Photo Credit: Florida Highway Patrol)

Toronto, April 15: Police officers in Pasco County, Florida had their hands full when called upon to deal with a car load of naked girls who refused to listen to orders and led the policemen on an hour-long car chase.

It all began on the morning of April 10 when a policeman was called in to a food and rest stop near a highway in Pasco County. The policeman had received a call about a suspicious person in a car near the food stop. But when he arrived at the scene, he saw three girls, without a stitch of clothing on, applying sun-tan lotion. They said they were "air drying" after bathing themselves outside at the rest stop, WFTS reports.

He ordered them to wear clothes and to answer questions but the girls reportedly locked themselves into the car and then drove away. They were tracked down to another parking lot but when confronted the girls became aggressive. They had their clothes on by this time but the driver almost knocked the police officer down in trying to get away. Read: Florida Woman Politician Who Allegedly Licked Men’s Faces and Grabbed a City Manager’s Crotch and Butt Resigns

The girls in the Nissan Sentra then sped away and were stopped after police officers cornered them after 30-km chase and pushed them to drive over spike strips.

The police officers again ordered them out of the car but they refused and the police had to resort to breaking down the car windows to get to them. The girls reportedly interlocked themselves with each other to make it difficult for the police officers to pull them out of the car.

The police officers then gave them a taser shock to get them to submit.

According to news reports, the driver of the car failed an alcohol blood limit test while police officers also found marijuana in the car. Read: Meth Pipe Extracted From a 31-Year-Old Florida Woman’s VAGINA

The three girls – Oasis Shakira McLeod, 18, Jeniyah McLeod, 19, and Cecilia Eunique Young, 19, were charged with resisting arrest, aggravated assault and performing lewd acts.