New Delhi, February 8: Delhi based lawyer filed a complaint against Hyundai India, KIA India, KFC India and Pizza Hut India and request to Minister of Corporate Affairs (MCA) and Delhi Police to de-register these companies and lodge an FIR against the said companies for the alleged offence of challenging the sovereignty of our country.

Complainant Lawyer Vineet Jindal states that the said companies have recently posted on their social media account offensive statements and posts challenging the sovereignty of our country.

The statements and posts of the said company have been drawing condemnation from Twitter account users in the majority, stated complainant. Jindal requested MCA to de-register these companies and ban them from doing business in India and also seeks Delhi Police to lodge an FIR against the said companies for the offence under Sections 121A,153, 153a,504,505 of IPC and IT Act.

According to the complaint, the controversial post targeting the sovereignty of India by these multinational companies to gain business profit in Pakistan is highly deplorable. These MNC's have intently made atrocious statements on public platforms accessed by millions of users to challenge the sovereignty and integrity of India and their actions can cause national riots, communal disharmony and is an act of waging war against India. Hyundai Must Be More Forceful in Apology: Piyush Goyal.

Complaint further states that, it has been well known that Kashmir has been a sensitive issue and a cause of conflict between India and Pakistan for the last many years. Kashmir is an integral part of India is a well-known fact to the world.

But these companies in their self-interest and to draw business profits from Pakistan have now gone to the extent of using social media platform posts to show their support and propagate so-called Kashmir solidarity day by using objectionable references for Kashmir that are instigating in nature and thus further aggravating the cause of conflict among the two nations.

The statements and posts by the said MNC's are provoking and instigating to the masses of India and would create an atmosphere of tension, hatred and hostility among different communities within the country and cause a threat to the peace and harmony of the country.

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