Jaipur, Oct 21 (PTI) BJP national spokesperson and Jaipur Rural MP Rajyavardhan Rathore on Thursday alleged that the Congress government in Rajasthan has not promoted coronavirus vaccination in the state and has instead politicised the inoculation drive.

He claimed that there was discrimination in the vaccination campaign in the state due to which people had to wait in long lines to get their jabs.

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"Congress workers used the government machinery in their favour due to which the public had to wait in long lines for vaccination,” he told reporters at the party office here.

He said there was a war-like situation during the pandemic and even at that time the Congress did not do any work in the interest of the people and made allegations against the central government.

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Rathore said the vaccines do not belong to any party as it was for the whole country but a lot of politics was done over it.

He said the figures of vaccination were low initially because leaders of the opposition parties did not promote the vaccines which was very sad.

The Lok Sabha member also congratulated the nation for crossing the 100 crore mark of coronavirus vaccinations in the country.

He said it was the biggest figure in the history of vaccinations in the whole world which could be possible mainly due to the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Earlier in the day, state Health Minister Raghu Sharma said more than 6.10 crore coronavirus vaccine doses have been administered in Rajasthan so far.

The minister said the state has so far administered 4.21 crore first doses and 1.89 crore second doses of COVID-19 vaccine.

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