Kaushambi (Uttar Pradesh) [India], Oct 31 (ANI): In a heart-wrenching incident, a tuberculosis patient who was starving for over six days fell severely ill. Post this, district administration admitted him to hospital and has arranged for his treatment and care, authorities said on Thursday.The TB patient, Balram allegedly fell sick after starving for over six days at his home in Kapsasa village in Kaushambi district."My father had been starving for six days as we did not have a single grain to eat at our house. He got sick due to starvation. We couldn't do anything as there was no food for anyone," his daughter, Archana told ANI on Thursday.District Magistrate (DM) Manish Verma has said that arrangements will be made for him and will be treated on a priority basis."We sent teams to his house as soon as we received the information. Prima facia, he was found to be sick so he was taken to a hospital. It was later found that his name did not figure in the last census, which is why he was not given the benefit of government schemes," he said. (ANI)

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