Washington DC [US], September 25 (ANI): The leaders of Australia, India, Japan and the US on Friday said that they are beginning new cooperation in cyberspace and pledged to work together to combat cyber threats, promote resilience and secure the critical infrastructure of the member nations.

"In space, we will identify new collaboration opportunities and share satellite data for peaceful purposes such as monitoring climate change, disaster response and preparedness, sustainable uses of oceans and marine resources, and on responding to challenges in shared domains," Quad leaders said in a statement.

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The Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (Quad) Summit was held on Friday where a range of issues were discussed including Afghanistan, cooperation in infrastructure, COVID-19 vaccines, and the Indo-Pacific.

Leader-level experts vowed to meet regularly to advance work between government and industry on driving continuous improvements in areas including adoption and implementation of shared cyber standards; development of secure software; building workforce and talent; and promoting the scalability and cybersecurity of secure and trustworthy digital infrastructure.

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The statement said the Quad will begin space cooperation for the first time with a new working group. "In particular, our partnership will exchange satellite data, focused on monitoring and adapting to climate change, disaster preparedness, and responding to challenges in shared domains."

It said the Quad nations will Share Satellite Data to protect the earth and help member countries to better adapt to climate change.

"Our four countries will start discussions to exchange Earth observation satellite data and analysis on climate-change risks and the sustainable use of oceans and marine resources. Sharing this data will help Quad countries to better adapt to climate change and to build capacity in other Indo-Pacific states that are at grave climate risk, in coordination with the Quad Climate Working group."

Quad leaders also renewed their commitment to promote free, open, rules-based order in the Indo-Pacific.

"The occasion of the Quad summit is an opportunity to refocus ourselves and the world on the Indo-Pacific and on our vision for what we hope to achieve. Together, we recommit to promoting the free, open, rules-based order, rooted in international law and undaunted by coercion, to bolster security and prosperity in the Indo-Pacific and beyond," said the joint statement of the Quad leaders. (ANI)

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